You Are Worthy

Maybe people will only realize your worth if you stop chasing them. If you stop giving them your attention, your time, and your efforts. Sometimes you need to act like you don't care and stop pursuing them. Some people think that you'll never get tired because you love them. Well, love never gets tired but … Continue reading You Are Worthy

One Day…

One day, you will meet someone who'll go extra mile just to put a smile on your face. Someone whose deeds matches his/her words. Someone who'll remind you how precious you are and will take care of you. Someone who'll understand your sentiments as well as your silence. Someone who'll put you above his/her pride. … Continue reading One Day…


Depression is not simple – it’s more than being ‘sad’

It’s hard to tell if a person is depressed unless they break down in front of you or manage to tell you themselves. Depression doesn’t leave scars, not always. And it’s hard to say how bad it is if you can’t see the wound. I've been suffering from depression for a long time now, and depression has … Continue reading Depression is not simple – it’s more than being ‘sad’


My Relationship Has “No Future”, But That’s Okay

To love is to brave separation, heartbreak, risk, pain, death, and a thousand other things. Loving a man who cannot stay has taught me more than I ever imagined. I am in love with a guy who is not here to stay. We met in the college. While he cannot give me promises of "happily ever … Continue reading My Relationship Has “No Future”, But That’s Okay