” I can’t dance. ”
” I can’t sing. ”
” I can’t draw. ”
In short, I don’t have talents.

” I’m afraid of people. ”
” I’m afraid of the world. ”
” I’m afraid to the society. ”
In short, I’m a coward.

” They will hurt me. ”
” They will forget me. ”
” They will leave me, someday. ”
In short, I’m a pessimist.

” Don’t wanna do that. ”
” I can’t do that. ”
” I’m afraid to do that. ”
In short, I do lack of confidence.

” I’m ugly, she’s pretty. ”
” I envy her spotless face. ”
” I wish I can be her. ”
In short, I’m insecure.

” Be happy. ”
” Cheer up! ”
” Everything will be fine. ”
In short, I’m a friend’s comforter.

” Love yourself first. ”
” Don’t give up. ”
” Study hard. ”
In short, I’m a friend’s adviser.

” I’m always here for you. ”
” I care for you. ”
” I love you. ”
In short, I’m selfless.

Behind my negativities in life, I still have the courage to be positive when someone needed me.
I still have the guts to act like I’m strong, when someone needed my strength.
And I still stay on someone’s side to not let them feel the loneliness, when me, myself, and I… needed it too.

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