Why do some people become more interested in people who ignore them?

I’m answering this from a woman’s point of view and I prefer the word ‘aloof’ rather than ‘ignore’.

Most women have found that when they’re not really into a man, some men will come on even stronger. They’re attracted to women who appear unavailable.

Women who are aloof always do seem to get the guy, because they exude self-confidence and an air of mystery. It can also be very seductive.

Men love a chase and they love mystery. With mystery, comes a sense of intrigue:

What is it about her?
What is she hiding?
Could she be ‘the one’?

When a woman is aloof, men pursue her because she isn’t acting like other women. Some even see her as a challenge. They don’t know what’s on her mind, and they want to be the one who unlocks her deepest secrets.

Right or wrong, some women use it to their advantage, a ploy to gain a man’s attention.

But aloof can also be a protective wall for women to weed out men they don’t want to get to know.

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