What is the easiest way to forget someone special?

Some people are just really difficult to let go of. Do not hope that things may one day change. Relax and accept the fact that the person you cared is gone. You simply need to focus your mind on yourself and your goals.

It is so annoying when you realize that you’re the only one who’s spending days and months thinking about someone who broke your heart and left you scattered. But only you can save yourself… no one else will do for you. In order to forget about someone fast you must prevent yourself from doing the following actions:

~ Daydreaming and thinking about him/her. Yes, we can’t control our thoughts but we can at least limit them.

~ Get rid of the pictures, memories, and gifts instead of staring at them everyday.

~ Remind yourself everyday that it is over because unless your mind gets rid of hope it won’t be able to heal.

~ Stop going to the same place/s where you used to see him/her.

~ Stop listening to sad music, watching romantic movies or anything that reminds you of the wound until you recover. It takes a lot of time.. sometimes several months and you will still remember them. You can never forget him/her completely.

~ Also, make sure your heart is prepared to forget that special someone and you must be ready to take any consequences for doing so.

If you can’t, then time is your best friend. Let it happen naturally. Eventually, you will forget that special someone by doing many great things in the future. Good luck to you!

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