What if I fell in love with a girl who is very happily committed?

There is no good ending.

You fell in love with her, I get it. But here’s the thing… you can love her and she could love you back, but it still won’t end well.

You and her can develop an emotional relationship, fall in love, and have an affair. No matter what, it won’t succeed. You’ll torture her by having her love two different people. She won’t choose you, but if she does, you’ll never be able to trust her. Why? Your relationship will have started by infidelity. At best you might get a moment of love, but someday it will end, because affairs never last.


You can cling to her without her loving you back. It’ll be torture for you. You’ll cling to her every word, every emotion, every smile, and every message in hopes she will show the same emotion to you that you do to her. She won’t though, and it’ll torture you. Every day it will be pain as you cling to an unequal friendship.

Now here are some questions for you… If you love her:

~ Will you be able to trust the judgement of that person again? Don’t you think she could be easily mislead.

~ Will you be at peace if she starts comparing your love with her previous relationship?

~ Will your love be always complete without suspicion?

Want my advice?

Walk away! It is hell. If you pursue it anyway, then I understand. You won’t win this war though.

The entire thing will feel like a war that you could win every battle in, but still lose in the end. It will be a game where you can score every point, but still get defeated.

No riding off into the sunset, no happy ending.

Love doesn’t always win in the end. It won’t win here. So if you’re okay with fighting a losing war then go ahead.

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